Irina Alewert explores bullying and its impact in “Aybpod” Podcast

Irina Alewert, the founder-director of the “Global to local” organization, addresses the topic of “bullying” in the “Aybpod” podcast. Bullying refers to the consistent violence or teasing inflicted upon a child by their peers at school.

According to Irina, years ago, state institutions assured her that there was no need for bullying-related programs in Armenia since they believed this phenomenon did not exist. However, bullying has always been present, though it lacked a distinct name. Strategies developed in different countries across the world aim to minimize bullying rather than completely eliminate it. This approach makes it easier to provide quality education.

The responsibility for organizing school education lies not only with teachers but also with parents and students. Overcoming this problem in Armenia requires the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders. Failing to address the manifestations of bullying could lead to a significant increase in its prevalence, posing a threat to the sustainable development of the educational system.